knowledge of automotive steel

Automotive steel varieties include steel,knowledge of automotive steel Articles high quality steel, steel, steel, steel pipes, metal products. Development of automobile industry, the steel material put forward higher requirements. In automotive steel sheet (including hot-rolled sheet, cold-rolled steel and coated board) is the most important raw material production car, more than 50 percent in developed countries plate production is supplied to the automobile factory. Currently, the global automotive industry in the global steel consumption has exceeded 100 million tons, with production of automobile parts that consume steel, automotive industry, global annual consumption is only just over 150 million tons of steel. Abbreviation for the manufacture of automotive steel sheet auto sheet, manufacturing a car is about the use of thin steel plate 600 ~ 800kg.

Based on the use of automotive sheet Junkyards near me parts are exposed, it can be divided into automotive outer panel and car interior panels. Among them, the car outer panels are the most difficult in the production of automotive sheet products, usually using the German standard called “O5” board, which requires no surface defects, but also with the general requirements of automobile plate excellent press formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. In order to solve corrosion problems, the new coated steel came into being. At present, the automotive industry provided the vehicle body surface coating corrosion for 5 years, the body of 10-year corrosion perforation.

In order to ensure the safety of personnel car, to test the safety of the car, as one of the main means of real vehicle frontal crash destructive experiments is a common international practice, which also examined the performance of the car plate, raised the quality of automotive sheet the more stringent requirements. Although the new material will replace part of automotive steel, but steel for a long period of time is still the car most of the raw materials, and long-term stability of 60 to 70% of the proportion. Steel is automotive safety, long life and low cost of the key. The current global automotive industry is actively seeking ways and means to reduce the vehicle weight. Automobile industry to reduce vehicle weight of advanced high strength steels mainly for the automotive housings and structural parts, and compete and light metals.